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Intro Video
155°Ultra-Wide Angle
Capture more of the landscape
around you in your live view.
4K Stabilized Video, level-up your FPV footage

DC Geometry
No Props in View

CNC Camera
Side Plate

Anti-Spark Filter

Air Unit

Ultra-Wide Angle

LED Strip Upgrade
Fully Illuminated

The latest side panels reduces contamination
that could build up on your flight controller or ESCs,
preventing failure or short circuits.

Specially Designed Heatsink
Excellent heat dissipation at high power levels without overheating
1080P DJI O3
Air Unit
100FPS 50Mbps Max Video
Transmission Bitrate
Anti-Spark Filter
Prevent rapid voltage or current spikes which
can protect your electronics from damage
LED Strip Ultra low power consumption
360-degree illumination for day and night
Camera Protection
Side Plate
Aluminum alloy CNC, light but sturdy
Integrated Battery Plug The integrated XT60 connector on the back lets you securely
plug in your battery leading all cables away from your prop
Efficient battery life F5/F6 use iFlight 6S battery
Make battery life longer
12 Mins
6s 2550mAh
8 Mins
6s 1440mAh

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3D Preview 丨

Nazgul Evoque V2

Long Flight Times Reliable Electronics Side Panels Design High precision GPS
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