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Why do race drones in competitions consist of 3D printed parts and carbon plates?

Despite being used in professional competitions, they often seem crude.

Is there a way to make the race drones look outstanding while also showcasing the pilots' expertise?

iFlight took inspiration from the future mechanical aesthetics and created the MACH R5 SPORT,

aiming to provide you with a more "intuitive" appearance that

embodies professionalism and speed.

Integrated All-In-One Design
The Mach R5 Sport adopts a newly designed Unique integrated canopy, separate from internal structure Hundreds of flight
tests, effectively reducing the aerodynamic drag and turbulence Improves performance at high speeds, dominating the field.

Flip-top Canopy Structure
For Easy Maintenance

Whether it's for competition roll-call or daily
demonstrations, quick-release buckle for
easy replacement and maintenance

Canopy Design

Allowing racing pilots to replace carbon plates,
restoring the classic style for endless fun

  • Classic style
  • Graffiti style

*Canopy cover can be replaced by removing 6 screws

New Wire Shielding
Tube Design

Can be placed LED strips for protection,
effectively preventing damage

Hidden VTX Antenna
Effectively Protect

Newly upgraded antenna, providing super
strong signal for the use of large-scale
competitions Hidden VTX antenna, prevents
damage from propeller strikes and enhances performance

* The values of the parameters listed on this page are all measured from IFLIGHT RF laboratory related data. In different external environments, ways of
use, and firmware versions, there may be varying degrees of differences in the results. Please refer to actual experience for accuracy.
Ingenious Details for Race

Reserved Receiver Slot

The front-mounted receiver slot

Secured Battery Plug

Simplifies receiver replacement, ensure flight safety

Top Tier
Competition Setup

Let's say goodbye to outdated configurations
and experience smooth flying.

Speed up to 240km/h
300g ultra lightweight
Outstanding Compatibility

Standard 20*20 mounting holes,
compatible with HDZERO Compatible with a variety of antennas,
antenna mount can be added with silicone pads,
adapting to more regular VTX antennas

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300g Ultra Lightweight Aerodynamic Canopy Speed Up To 240km/h Optimal Racing Combo
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