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New Release!!! Chimera7 6S Long range

17 Nov 2022
Chimera7 pre-orders have been coming all over the place! Thanks for the trust guys, here's some more pics!


- 6mm rigid arm design for more stiffness

- Top- and bottom battery mount option

- XING 2806.5 efficient wide stator motors

- GPS pre-installed for more safety at distance

- GoPro TPU bottom stand (GoPro protector not included)

- 360° TPU protection, DJI cam protection and antenna mounts

- DJI FPV Air Unit, buttery-smooth 720p\120fps FPV feed (TPU soft mounted) 

- No props in view (DJI Air unit record in 1080p/60fps)

- Battery voltage LED status light (illuminated IF logo on the bottom)