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Repair Service


  • Happy to announce our VlP assistance channel offering paid consultantservices for fast and tailored support.Ever needed someone to sit downand video chat or screen share about the difficulties you're heaving?
    Ever felt overwhelmed by the huge amount of informa tion out there, inneed of someone to put it in simple words?
    Beginners, professionals, repairs, tuning,customizing and much more.
    Please send us an email and apply at iFlight.repair.eu@gmail.com

Return & Refund Service

  • iFlight offers a (14) days return policy on all and new unopenedequipment, starting from the date the product(s) was delivered to thecustomer.Anything beyond (14) days of delivery will not be eligible forreturn.
    lf the product(s) received has been opened, used or damaged, no returnoptions will be offered.
    lf the item is in brand new condition, but requires to be repackaged, a(%15) restocking fee will be applied.
    You are responsible for shipping costs, customs duties, taxes, customsclearance, and other costs incurred when sending unwanted product(s)for a return to China. (It is recommended to choose a method withtracking).

How to Obtain Warranty Service

  • iFlight offers a (30) days warranty period, starting from the date theproduct(s) was delivered to the customer. If a product does not functionas warranted during the warranty period, you may obtain warrantyservice by creating a ticket through https://iflightrc.freshdesk.com .You will need to provide a valid proof-of-purchase, receipt or ordernumber (for iFlight Direct Sales) for'the warranty service.
    For product that is confirmed as genuinely defective of product designor quality control issues out of box, we will ship out a replacement forthat defective parts free of charge directly. The customer will not becharged any fees for approved warranty service.
    For product that is confirmed as damaged or defective after severalflights,we will offer discount code to get a new replacement.
    And in almost all cases, we will work with you to debug your issue first.Each claim should have all proof of defect(s) by mean of photo or videoshowing clearly the defect of the product,and a detailed description ofyour issue, included a description of what you have already done to fixit. We are happy to assist 'with any technical problem(s) you mayencounter.


  • 1.If you purchase iFlight Products for self-assembly, only iFlight Productsenjoy those policies.The refund amount is limited to the purchase priceof the item.
    2.If you purchase iFlight products from authorized dealers,freereplacement parts will be sent by the dealers, and iFlight will add creditto their orders for the replacement.
    3.If iFlight determines that the issue in question is not covered by thisWarranty Policy (check below What iFlight warranty Policy Does NOTCover terms),iFlight will offer a discount to order a new one for thereplacement.

What iFlight Warranty PolicyDoes NOT Cover

  • ➢ Crashes or fire damage caused by non-manufacturing factors, includingbut not limited, to pilot errors.
  • ➢ Water damage or other damages caused by improper installation,incorrect use,or operation not in accordance with official instructions ormanuals.
  • ➢ Damage caused by a non-authorized service provider.
  • ➢ Damage caused by unauthorized modification of circuits and mismatchor misuse of the battery and charger.
  • ➢ Damage caused by operation in bad weather (i.e. strong winds, rain,snow, sand/dust storms, etc.)
  • ➢ Damage caused by operating the product in an environment withelectromagnetic interference (i.e. in mining areas or close to radiotransmission towers, high-voltage wires, substations, etc.).
  • ➢ Damage caused by operating the product in an environment sufferingfrom interference from other wireless devices (i.e. transmitter,video-downlink, Wi-Fi signals, etc.).
  • ➢ Damage caused by a crashes when components have aged or beendamaged.
  • ➢ Damage caused by operating the unit with a low charge or defectivebattery of any form.
  • ➢ Damage resulting from any non-iFlight technical or other support(online community for example),such as assistance with“how-to”questions and or inaccurate product set-up and installation.
  • ➢ iFlight is not responsible for issues involving 3rd party products andwarranty. For example with issues involving Caddx and DJl,thecustomer must get warranty support directly from the 3rd partycompany.

Warranty Repair Service

  • iFlight will attempt to diagnose and resolve your problemthrough it's online ticket system, e-mail or online chat.iFlightmay direct you to download and install particular firmwareupdates.
    If your problem cannot be resolved through the application offirmware updates, or you are unable to replace the defectiveparts by yourself, you may be required to deliver the product tothe iFlight US repair center to get repaired.
    iFlight will examine the returned repair product(s) to identifythe problem, lf the problem qualifies for service under thispolicy,iFlight will bear the cost for replacement or repair theproduct(s) at no cost to you.
    If iFlight determines that the issue in question is not covered bythis Warranty Policy, you will have to apply for Customer PaidRepair Service. iFlight will not start repair until you agree to thecost for repair quoted by iFlight.lfyou disagree with the cost forrepair, iFlight will return the product(s) with you burdening thecost of return shipping.
    Please note that products and components presented forrepair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same typerather than being repaired.These refurbished goods have beentested and are similar to brand new goods in function andappearance. If any refurbished parts or units do not meet ourquality assurance requirements, brand new parts or units willbe issued.
    If the product is burned out or water-damaged, itsperformance may be severely affected,and the product will bebeyond repair.Then a replacement service is provided , insteadof repair services, after the product is sent in.


  • 1.Shipping fee(s) to US/EU repair center shall be covered by customer.
    2.Shipping fee(s) back to customer shall be covered by iFlight.
    3.Please download the above repair application form, complete it andreturn one to ticket or email where you were talking with, then include aprinted copy in with the quad after a provement by iFlight customerservice.
    4.Be aware of the us and EU Repair Center are different address.
    5.Please pack the to be repaired products in original box sent from iFlight,all accessories parts such as props, antenna(s), receiver etc should bepack together.
    6.Please send the tracking number that we may check the status ofshipping.