iFlight-Where dreams can fly

Dual Band Antenna
4000mAh Battery
Digital Hall
Sensor Gimbals
Quick Charge
Upgradeable RF Power
Ergonomic design The curved grip is designed
to fit comfortably in the palm
Battery capacity
Net weight
Charging connector
Internal iFlight ExpressLRS (ELRS) Module Dual Band, the antenna can be folded
to multiple angles, providing a wider signal coverage
Dual Band Antenna
Maximum power
Multi protocol module
*Notice, the maximum power of the ELRS 900MHz version is 1W and the maximum power of the 2.4GHz version is 500mW
Highest quality digital hall sensor
gimbals for maximum precision
Experience a high-quality and silky-smooth
flight in your hand
3 options, easy to switch Selecting the right one that suits you is
External Module Bay Compatible Reserved position for installation
Commando 8 Fly with Commando 8

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3D Preview 丨


Commando 8

Internal ELRS Mould Digital Hall Sensor Gimbals Digital Hall Sensor Gimbals PCB Dual-Band Antenna
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