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iFlight 2023 Black Friday is Coming

14 Nov 2023

  2023 iFlight Black Friday is coming! This is the biggest discount in a year. For all the pilots, this is the best time to buy a drone and any accessories! Don’t miss this opportunity, otherwise, you will have to wait another year! Add your ideal product to your shopping cart now. The highest discount can reach 70% off!

Event time: November 22nd - November 28th

* After the event starts, don’t forget to go to the gift link to pick out the gift you want

1. For orders over $200, customers can purchase 1 product.

2. For orders over $500, customers can choose 3 products.

3. For orders over $1000, customers can choose 6 products.

(If the order amount does not meet the rules, it will not be shipped. If the selected product exceeds the rules, We will randomly delete products before shipping.)

* As long as the order is placed, customers can get mysterious free iFlight Swags

* There will be a flash sale every day at 8:30 PM (EST), so be sure to continue to pay attention to the iFlight official store!

* The person who places the highest order amount during the event (the amount required is more than 5,000 US dollars) can get a deposit of 500 US dollars.

We look forward to receiving your order on Black Friday and we are ready to ship your order as quickly as possible!